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About Me

I have a degree in Retail Advertising from the Columbus College of Art and Design and worked for about 12 years in the retail design industry doing everything from traditional graphic design to environmental graphics and fixture design/development.

For the last 11 years, I've focused my professional career around UX/web design/development.

Like many illustrators and IT professionals, I'm a comic book fan and would spend all my time watching science fiction and drawing characters, if somebody would pay me to do it. I'm also a fan of picture books and graphic novels. Jules Feiffer, Frank Miller, Al Williamson and John Romita Jr. are among my favorites artists.

Check out my blog to see some things I've played around with over the last few years. I've mostly been experimenting with traditional line techniques finished digitally, but I still love traditional watercolor and acrylics. I have an extensive background in digital imagery for web and print use, so I have deep knowledge of resolution where image reproduction is concerned.


My rates vary, depending on the size and complexity of the concept. Obviously, full color, large illustrations are more expensive than small, single or limited color illustrations.

I have a lot of varied experience that ranges from doing game graphics for banking kiosks to marker concepts for events and commercial/industrial products.

I do a lot of ink work, but like to try many different styles and am always willing to branch out to meet the needs of a project.

If you think I might be a good fit for a project, or just want to discuss possible collaborations, drop me a note.

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Sparky Buckweasel

I did an experiment a while back with a weekly comic strip to work on my process and do some character development. Not a huge success, but fun to do and some good bits of jokes here and there.

Sparky Buckweasel comic strip 04/19/09

Sparky Buckweasel comic strip 04/05/09

Sparky Buckweasel comic strip 03/22/09

Sparky Buckweasel comic strip 03/15/09

Sparky Buckweasel comic strip 03/08/09

Sparky Buckweasel comic strip 03/01/09

Sparky Buckweasel comic strip 02/22/09

Sparky Buckweasel comic strip 02/15/09